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4 in 1 Magic Eye Cream

4 in 1 Magic Eye Cream

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1.  Lift firm skin to counter the look of puffiness.
2.  Quickly remove bags under the eyes , firm the delicate skin around the eyes , smooth crow's feet , fade dark circles , puffiness and fine lines.
3.  Deeply hydrate skin, repair damaged skin and delay aging, make skin soft, smooth and delicate.

How to use:
1. Clean and dry your face before use
2.Take out an appropriate amount of product and apply it around the eyes
3. Massage gently until absorbed


●Item Type:Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream
●Shelf life:3 years
●Function:Eye Bags/Dark Circles Remove/Fade Fine Lines/Anti Wrinkle/ Lifting/ Firming
●Storage method:Store in a cool dry placea cool dry place

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