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North Moon Lady's Perfume - Only Married!

North Moon Lady's Perfume - Only Married!

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Experience the alluring scents of rose, jasmine, and pomegranate extracts in our women's perfume. This natural and fresh fragrance will refresh you and leave a lasting impression. Whether for a date or daily wear, the floral notes will captivate your senses. Our alcohol-free formula, free of formaldehyde and with a concentration of 1-2%, ensures a gentle, yet long-lasting fragrance.



Our pheromone infused scents are specially designed to increase your natural aura


Crafted from Yuzu with juicy pomegranate, as heart notes of peony lotus, people will ask where you got it.


Experience a heightened allure that leaves a lasting impression, as Enhanced Scents Original Scent's enriches your confidence and enhances your captivating aura.

Some Reviews

The Original Scent - Enhanced Scents
I've gotten some added attention from my man.
The Original Scent - Enhanced Scents
I bought this to “try it out” on my hubby. The first night I wore it, he was extremely tired from work, but I noticed he needed to be around me.
The Original Scent - Enhanced Scents
They should actually put a warning label on this for how good this works
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